If you want your pieces to last and slay, follow these easy tips to take care of them. We recommend a cold delicate hand wash or place in a cute washing bag on a delicate cycle, separately to your other washing. Choose an eco-friendly detergent and steer clear of fabric softeners as this can cause irritation. Our intimates deserve some TLC too! Washing in cold water will reduce the likelihood of color fading.

Please avoid Tumble drying and let them air dry naturally (not in the sun)  Underwear should be washed after each wear while bras, on the other hand, don't necessarily require laundering after every wear. Consider wearing your Bra 3-4 times before opting for a wash, taking into account your daily engagements, physical activity level, and individual preference. Excessive washing can compromise its form and structure.

If you've come to the end of wearing your lingerie, don't say goodbye just yet, give them a second chance by donating to a thrift shop or let your friends borrow, share or re-sell. Someone else might fall in love with them all over again xx